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Welcome To Midgardsaga Midgardsaga is a persistent world for Never winter Nights 2 and it's major focus is on role playing, though there is plenty of action and good old dungeon crawling to help in character development.

The server has been around since the release of Never winter Nights 2, and have about 5-10 players.

To direct conect use: Gardavik.mine.nu

There are some files you need to install it manuley under downloads:Downloads link

The game's setting takes place in Gardavik island populated by Vikings, Christians and mystical beasts.
There are 4 starting towns depending on the race or religion you have chosen. Vikings, One God worshipers (christian for example), the Black blood races (dark races who follow Laukor), as well as some unique races such as Vampires or Pixies which all start in one of the town locations.
All this creates a nice mix for actual role play. With the aid of the DM crew and their events there is a lot of fun waiting for beginners and veterans alike.
Server Features:
-Mask of the Betrayer is neaded to play -Game version to 1.23.1763

-236 areas (66 exterior)

-30 NPC quests, and many more are planned for the future

-Unique multistage crafting system that involves gathering materials, refining them and then finally crafting an item. There are numerous crafting professions and each profession has it's own unique skill sets. Weaving - Tailoring Farming - Milling - Food processing Mining - Smelting -Weapon crafting/Armor crafting/Jewel crafting Woodcutting - Tree staving - Bow crafting/Arrow making Skinning - Tanning - Leather crafting Brewing Tinkering Along with the crafting system we have a recipe system, recipes must be found around the island or bought from players, as well as the numerous ingredients needed to craft powerful items.

-Random loot system combined with a table and creature loot system. The server is medium-magic with the max possible bonus on items of +4/5 (DM's can hand out up to +6 items as unique quest rewards).

-Players may purchase a house on the server as well as persistent furniture for it including chests to store items. (As of now crafting stations are available for said furniture but more is planned)

-A faction system, all player automatically join a faction belonging to a town that makes them friends or enemies with others. Check the lore section for more information (or just jump into the server :P)

-Food and Rest system, we do not use the original NWN2 rest system. Players can rest without food but will have to wait a very long time to rest again. Food allows players to reduce this waiting time, better food nets shorter time periods between rests. There are many ways to get food ranging from simply buying it, to making it yourself. Food has a second useful function in that keeping yourself well fed nets you an exp bonus during dungeon crawling.

-A new exp system, we do not use the original nwn2 system. Players are encouraged to form parties which have the potential to earn much more exp. There are no level restrictions on the party members, and certain feats or attributes (high charisma) gives exp bonuses. But don't fret, if you are the soloing type it's just as viable to develop your character. -We also use our own death system, when players are below 0 HP they enter a bleeding stage which will last until they are at -50% of their max HP. During this time players will have a chance to regain some health (or lose some), they can also be rescued by party members and there is always a very slim chance the player's deity will resurrect them. Upon death players will lose some gold and exp. Getting raised via raise dead or resurrection will greatly reduce the exp penalty. We also have a DM schedule so you know when they will be on and make quest or give help
Welcome to join the server Players and Midgardsaga staff

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